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Solar Water Heater FPC

Solar Water Heater FPC
FPC System

      Solar Flat Plate Collector (FPC) system includes, collectors and storage tank which is decades old proven technology. Copper fin tubes connected to copper riser tubes along with glass cover creates green-house effect and raises the temperature. Fin tubes sprayed with special coating increases the radiation absorptivity.
       Cold water enters the collector from bottom riser and due to thermosiphon, it moves to the top riser and then settles in hot water tank. Drain plugs in each collectors make it easy to clean salt deposition.  
         We have designed highly optimized flat plate collectors to maximize efficiency. Copper weight in our collectors are higher than any ISI collectors available in the market hence resale value of collector is still significant after end of product life and we do offer buybacks.

  • No moving parts hence low maintenance
  • Suitable for high temperature
  • Collector Size : 2m x 1m Area: 2.0 m2
  • Riser, fins Material : Copper
  • Absorber Coating: Selective Coating
  • Collector Cover material : Aluminium
  • Collector Insulation: Rockwool, Glasswool
  • Toughened Glass : 4 mm
  • Structure: MS Epoxy Coated
  • Tank: Copper, MS. GI
  • Insulation Material: Rockwool 4” thick.

Pressurized System

Copper Tank
Specially designed copper tank offers the long lasting results.
We offer 10 years of warranty in all copper Tank pressurized system and it is proven to work for longer period then after as well.

MS Tank
MS tank, specially coated takes higher pressures with ease.
1 year warranty in all MS tanks,  
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