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Solar Water Heater ETC

Solar Water Heater ETC
ETC System

        Specially designed solar Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) serves you the best economical option for water heating. The vacuum between two glass tubes prevents radiation loss which makes it the efficient technology in solar thermal applications.

         Our decades old experience in the field has fine tuned the technology to further excel its advantages. Carefully designed storage Tank avalible both in Galvanized Iron(GI) and Copper;our speciality; resist corrossion to the longer period of time than any other product in current market.
  • Efficient technology at lower temperature applications
  • Cost effective compared to FPC system.
  • No choking due to salt deposition.
  • No moving parts hence low maintenance.
  • Excellant radiative efficiency of Evacuated Glass Tubes.
  • Tube size:  Outer Diameter : 58mm, Length :1800 mm
  • Structure MOC : MS with Epoxy Paint, GI.
  • Material of Storage Tank : Copper,  GI, MS.
  • Insulation Material: Poly urethane Foam (PUF) – 50 mm.

What do we do differently?!
The biggest problem : Metal corrosion in Storage Tanks,
Present market solution : some years of warranty, get them replaced when completely corroded.

Our solution and offering
Due to short life of GI tanks, the product life is no more than 6-7 years. Since 1985. We have happy customers who still enjoys hot water from copper storage tank made by our highly skilled engineers.
Copper is known to the best corrosion resistant material for water storage. It requires special skill to craft copper tanks and we offer them in all varieties of solar system. Be it pressurised or non pressurised, our copper tanks are prooven to work longer than 20 years.

We offer 10 years of warranty in all copper tank systems and then after it will work for as long as 20 years with minor maintenances.

'Longer life with low maintenance' that's what our customer always ask for. Please contact us on 97129 22019 for further information.

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GIDC Vatva, Ahmedabad
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